Lens setting is done in three steps:

  1. Positioning

The patient should use a mirror when setting the lens. This will ensure that the patient looks at which direction he is moving the finger that holds the lens so that the lens is not placed on the upper or lower lid.

  1. Оpening the eye lids

For the right eye, the lens should be placed at the top of the right index finger. The middle finger of the left hand should be placed above the upper eyelashes and hold the upper lid. The middle finger of the right hand should be positioned on the lower eyelashes of the lower lid and keep the lower lid open down. The eye should be kept open.

  1. Set the lens

The patient should look right in the mirror set on the table. He needs to look all the time in the mirror, not in the lens. Before this, the patient should be advised that the lens will not damage the eye. The moment the lens is placed in the eye, the patient should pull out the finger that held the lens, then release the lower lid, and finally the upper lid. The left eye procedure is reversed.

optometrist Marija Kosturanova