1. Cosmetic reasons
  2. The discomfort of wearing glasses (thick and heavy glasses, allergy reaction of the material)
  3. Improved visual correction (in kerakotonus, mechanical corneal injury, corneal distortion, anisometropy)
  4. Sport and recreation. Most athletes (professional and recreational) use the advantage of contact lenses, both in comfort and in the increased field of vision.
  5. Professional reasons. As athletes, many other professions use the benefits of contact lenses. Contraindications for carrying contact lenses are those patients who work with an unclean and polluted environment where there is a risk of dust or pieces penetrating under the lens. Also, candidates working in laboratories or chemicals are a risk group in which there is a danger of chemical keratitis through contamination on the contact lens itself. Bad candidates for contact lenses are also plumbers and auto mechanics who can not completely remove the impurities and fat deposits from their hands. Certain professions such as pilots, airline personnel and video operators are exposed to air drying and rarely blinking dehydrates the contact lens.
  6. In these patients, the wearing of contact lenses is not a contraindication, but the wearing time and maintenance should be shortened (prohibiting the aggressive agents, and increasing the humidifiers/artificial tears).

optometrist Marija Kosturanova