If the patient is concerned about certain myths or untruths about contact lenses, it is best to discuss them at the first meeting. The most common misconceptions the patient knows are the following:

  1. The contact lenses will move behind my eye.
  2. The contact lenses will break my eye.
  3. I cannot wear contact lenses because I have astigmatism.
  4. The contact lenses will damage my eyes.
  5. You have to be at least 16 to wear contact lenses.
  6. The contact lenses are very painful.

Patients should also be advised that the lenses do not protect their eyes. In some ways they protect the cornea itself from injury or flying objects, as well as in many unfortunate cases in car accidents. Lenses cannot protect against a trauma with a sharp object, chemical toxicity, or other injuries. It is recommended to wear protective goggles whenever there is a risk of eye injury. If patients with certain dangerous sports are concerned, it is recommended to wear certain protective glasses on the contact lenses.

optometrist Marija Kosturanova