Christian Roth & Eric Domege shared their timeless inspiration through a worldwide presentation of an event dedicated to their work at Dioptra Couture (08.05.2017). To lay the foundation of the avant-garde designs of glasses and to lift the glasses as a superb fashion accessory, immense sacrifice and inspiration is required. Christian Roth is the world-renowned designer who, together with his partner Eric Domege at Dioptra Couture on Macedonia Square, shared the roots of their inspiration and courage that opened up a new fashion world.
They also presented their new line of glasses created together with DITA Eyewear and available in Macedonia through Dioptra Couture. Before starting their work on the catwalks in the 1980s, the glasses were just one add-on that complemented the fashion creations. Christian Roth worked hard with Italian and French factories to create something more, something superb. He managed to solidify the reputation of glasses as a serious fashion creation, which is not only a supplement but as a complement to one’s character. During the event he shared his experience of the work with top designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Michael Kors.

Christian Roth and Eric Domege introduced the designs of glasses to the present guests, emphasizing their uniqueness through a recognizable design that uses cutting-edge technology. Each pair of glasses is created with special technology and materials using methods that are so rare that make their line of glasses unique in the world. At the same time, the materials that are used in the manufacture of the glasses can be found only in several places on the planet. One type of glasses are made with a special stone that can be found only on a small island near Venice and Christian Roth is one of the designers who has access to the specific production process.
“The speed at which fashion moves in this modern society is an inspiration for the new, the next and the present. However, aviation and glamorous forms are timeless.